Connecting the Dots

Building better data networks for Africa

Building a data ecosystem

Stears was built to help development organisations, investors, governments and companies cost-effectively access high-quality data on Africa from anywhere in the world. Using a combination of data science techniques, human expertise and data collection strategies, Stears delivers demographic, economic and infrastructure data to clients interested in understanding Nigeria.

Data Collection

Stears uses a unique combination of nationwide agents, data mining capabilities and inhouse research and analysis to scour, collect and store data to make the Nigerian market accessible to our customers.


We work directly with customers to generate reports and visualisations that address specific business needs in Nigeria at a national, state and local level.

Data access

We offer an enterprise subscription service that puts our proprietary datasets on demographics, infrastructure and the economy at your fingertips.

Join Us

We are an information company aiming to define a new standard for access to quality information in Africa.

We highly value our people and choose to empower our incredibly capable team. We like people who hold themselves to the highest standards.

If that sounds like you and you are interested in joining us, explore our current opening or submit an open application using our form.

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