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Take your data with you anywhere

We understand that our platform may not be the perfect fit for your use and you may already have solutions which desperately need data. So we provide the option to use our data wherever you want through our API.

We provide access to the information you require to support your applications and provide the best service to your customers.

To access our API, please complete our request form and we will be in touch.


Building custom solutions to solve client needs

Our advisory team scours, collects and analyses data on multiple levels using its internal team of economists and data scientists to support research, advisory, polls and data retrieval projects.

We will work with your team to dig deep into local markets and sectors, deploy personalised surveys or data collection campaigns to your target audience wherever they are. We will share our insights via a customised report or other requested dataset.

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An easy way to access any data

CoreData is an enterprise subscription service that makes granular data for African markets accessible and actionable. Capable of displaying multiple datasets, CoreData delivers public and proprietary datasets on balance of payments, business environment, elections, energy, foreign exchange, fiscal statistics, gross domestic product, labour statistics, petroleum statistics, population statistics, price indices, health & welfare statistics and more.

CoreData subscribers can also make data requests to our data advisory to provide additional data on their specific sectors.

To subscribe to CoreData, please complete your request form and we will be in touch.